healthcare systems should be the most beloved brands in the world.

Think about it: they give hope to cancer patients…they transplant hearts into sick children…they care for the chronically ill.

Healthcare brands truly make the world a better place. Every. Single. Day.

There are few industries that serve a higher Purpose.

And there are few endeavors for marketers as noble as helping healthcare systems help others.

That’s why, at Brown Parker & DeMarinis, our Purpose is to inspire greatness—in our work and throughout our clients’ companies—to help them bring better health to more people.

By inspiring greatness, we will help our healthcare system partners create armies of ambassadors inside and outside their walls.

We will arm our partners with breakthrough strategies, creative, content and media approaches that will inspire their community members to live healthier lives and take advantage of innovative care.

And, together, we will set a new standard in healthcare where the marketing we create truly embodies the greatness of the organization’s Purpose.


BPD was founded in 2002 by Jason Brown, Ward Parker and Vince DeMarinis in a cramped 1,200 square feet office with three other employees. In 2005, we decided to concentrate on healthcare clients. That turned out to be a good move. Today, we operate out of a 10,000 square feet Florida headquarters with a satellite office in California and hospital clients from Alaska to the United Kingdom.

Along the way, we grew into a fully integrated tradigital marketing agency, received training in service excellence by Ritz-Carlton and others, engineered major brand launches and relaunches, and racked up Clios, Addys, Healthcare Marketing Awards and much more. We continue to grow because our purpose—to inspire greatness—drives us to help our clients reach more and more people and bring them better health.

Open Positions

Think we're a fit for you and your professional goals? Check out our open positions, and we'll be in touch if your skills meet our needs. Below are the open positions we currently have at BPD.


Clio Healthcare Awards
Print ShortlistFlorida Hospital – Stroke Care Attack Centers
Silver Billboard AwardFlorida Hospital – Emergency Department 30 Min Or Less
Bronze Print AwardFlorida Hospital – Emergency Department Broken Bike, Thermometer
Digital Health Awards
BronzeHCA North Florida -
Hospital Marketing National Awards
GoldSponsored Content - StoneSprings Hospital - Expect Easier OB Campaign
SilverWebsite - StoneSprings Hospital - Expect Easier OB Campaign
HPRMA Golden Advocate Awards
BronzeHCA Midwest - Turn For The Better
National Aster Awards
SilverHCA Midwest - Turn For The Better
BronzeFlorida Hospital - Backyard ER, Emergency
GoldMercy Hospital - OB Campaign, Women's
GoldHCA East Florida - Cardio Sexy Campaign, Cardiac/Vascular
BronzeSt. Vincent’s Health Care - Holiday Dinner TV
Judges ChoiceSt. Vincent’s Healthcare, Jacksonville
Judges ChoiceTotal Advertising Campaign—Above Beyond Because
SilverFlorida Hospital, Orlando Doc Fu campaign
SilverHallmark Health System, Medford Come because… campaign
BronzeHoly Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale - Tomorrow “TV”
GoldMethodist Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land Breast Care Navigator Ad
BronzeCitrus Memorial, Inverness Heroes - Billboard Campaign
GoldHoly Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale - Orthopedic Billboards
GoldSt. Vincent’s Healthcare, Jacksonville - Bariatric Services website
GoldShands, Jacksonville - Radiology Physician Referral Program
SilverFlorida Hospital, Maitland - Women’s Health Pavilion ‘Objects’ Poster
BronzeKDMC, Ashland - Heart & Vascular map Campaign
GoldHoly Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale - Print — Three Generations
SilverHoly Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale - Print - 50th Anniversary Invitation
SilverJFK Medical Center, Atlantis - Print - The First Step in Weight Loss
BronzeBaptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Miami - Print - Heart Scan
The Addy Awards
SilverHCA East Florida - Extension/Dimensional Billboard Pyrexia
SilverMarietta Memorial Hospital - “Be A Hero” TV
SilverMarietta Memorial Hospital - Patient Testimonial Campaign
Best of Broadcast, GoldREX Healthcare - Hockey Lullaby
SilverSt. Vincent’s Health Care - Clay County
GoldFlorida Hospital, Print — Cardiac Campaign
GoldMonroe Regional Medical Center, Print - Cardiovascular Campaign
GoldMonroe Regional Medical Center, Print - Map
GoldMonroe Regional Medical Center, Print - Fence
GoldMonroe Regional Medical Center, Print - Tree
GoldFlorida Hospital, Print - Cancer - Broken Line
GoldFlorida Hospital, Print - Cancer - Cluster
GoldHoly Cross Hospital, Television - Diagnostic Imaging
SilverLA Cetto, Print - Hourglass
SilverFlorida Hospital, Print - Hourglass
SilverFlorida Hospital, Print — Hands
SilverFlorida Hospital, Print — Mouse
SilverJFK Medical Center, Print — Grocery Bag
SilverBaptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Print — New Image
SilverFlorida Hospital, Print — Lifeline
SilverFlorida Hospital, Radio : Lifeline
SilverHoly Cross Hospital Television : 50 Best
GoldHealthFirst Imaging Center, Print - Runaround3
SilverHealthFirst Imaging Center, Print - Hours Not Days
SilverHealthFirst Imaging Center, Print - Diagnostic Imaging Campaign
GoldSolutionex, Television — Bulls
GoldBawls-Hobarama, LLC, Print - Balls Mint
SilverBawls-Hobarama, LLC, Print - Bawls Mint
SilverL.A. Cetto, Print - Wine Judges
SilverHoly Cross Hospital, Print - You Owe it to Her
GoldHobarama Corp, Print - Never Sleep Again
SilverCilix Corporation, Print - Cutting Tools
SilverMiami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Print - Face
SilverDyno Corporation, Print - South Beach Sun – Protection Line
SilverData Warehouse, Print - Tomato
People’s Choice AwardCilix Corporation, Print - Cutting Tools
People’s Choice AwardDyno Corporation, Print - South Beach Sun – Protection Line
GoldBawls-Hobarama, LLC Print — Beauty Sleep
SilverMiami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Print — Even Our Ads are Less Invasive
Mark of Excellence Awards
Best of ShowSt. Vincent’s Healthcare, Jacksonville - Comprehensive Communications Above Beyond Because
PrintNorth Florida Regional Medical Center - Everything Revolves Around You
Best of ShowJFK Medical Center - Print — Heart & Vascular Campaign
Best of ShowBaptist Hospital, Miami - Online : Cardiac & Vascular Institute
OnlineBaptist Hospital, Miami - Cardiac & Vascular Institute
PrintJFK Medical Center - Bariatric Campaign
Special EventsFlorida Hospital - Cutie Casting Call for Local Kids
TVHoly Cross Hospital Television Campaign
PrintHoly Cross Hospital Print Campaign
32nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards
SilverFlorida Hospital - Total Ad Campaign, Emergency
BronzeMarietta Memorial Hospital - How Carol Beat Cancer Web Video
31st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards
MeritSt. Vincent’s Health Care - Holiday Dinner TV
30th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards
MeritAbove Beyond Because - St. Vincent’s Healthcare, Jacksonville
29th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards
Gold: Total Adv Campaign with TVFlorida Hospital Orlando Doc Fu
Gold: Total Adv Campaign with TVSt. Vincent’s Healthcare Above, Beyond, Because
Bronze: Newspaper Adv: SeriesFlorida Hospital Orlando Mako Campaign
Bronze: WebsiteHoly Cross Hospital Holy Cross Donations
Bronze: OutdoorHoly Cross Hospital Orthopedic Campaign
Merit: WebsiteFlorida Hospital Orlando Neurosurgical Revolution
Merit: Newspaper Adv: SeriesHallmark Health System Come Because …
26th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards
Merit WinnerShands Jacksonville - Multimedia CD-Rom : Radiology + Collaboration + Expertise
BronzeShands Jacksonville - Print— You + Shands Jacksonville
24th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards
More Than Two ArmsPrint — Florida Hospital Orlando
2013 Healthcare Marketing Report
Gold — Best Hospital WebsiteHoly Cross Hospital (
2013 Web Health Awards
Bronze — Best Hospital WebsiteHoly Cross Hospital (
2010 Web Marketing Association WebAwards
Outstanding WebsiteHoly Cross Hospital
Healthcare Provider Standard of ExcellenceSt. Vincent’s Spine and Brain Institute
2010 The Ultraweb Award
Level 3 AwardHoly Cross Hospital
2010 W3 Awards
Health Care Services Silver AwardHoly Cross Hospital
Health Care Services Silver AwardSt. Vincent’s Spine & Brain Institute
Health Care Services Silver AwardSt. Vincent’s Bariatrics Services
Health Care Services Silver AwardSt. Vincent’s Atrial Fibrillation Institute
2010 E-healthcare Leadership Awards
Health Subsite: Center of Excellence Silver AwardSt. Vincent’s Spine & Brain Institute
Health Subsite: Center of Excellence DistinctionSt. Vincent’s HealthCare Bariatric Services