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Healthcare Marketing Industry Transformation Inspired By Purpose

November 13, 2017 Jason Brown Purpose-Driven Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Leadership

I truly believe healthcare systems should be the most beloved brands in the world.

Not only that, but their advertising campaigns should be on par with Nike, Coke and Apple. 

Sounds crazy? Perhaps. 

But think about it: what industry serves a higher Purpose than healthcare? Does Coke save lives? Does Nike bring life into the world? Even Apple can’t transplant a human heart. 

Yet these great brands are revered, loved and honored while hospitals are, for the most part, avoided and tolerated.

There’s a long way to go on both fronts but I believe we can get there. 

With courageous hospital clients and innovative agency partners: Working together to transform the patient experience, inspire hospital ambassadors and capture the imagination of the marketplace with more strategic and (much) more creative marketing programs.

I hope this will be my legacy at Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising...helping to truly change the perception of the healthcare industry. This will be my “dent in the universe.” If you are a hospital leader, operator, clinician or marketer, I want to know: What will be yours?

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