The Heart of BPD Advertising Is Our People

The Heartbeat of a Great Workplace Culture

February 12, 2015 Sarah Brown Culture, Teamwork

BPD is known for transforming health systems and hospitals through integrated healthcare marketing.  But what else, besides our record-setting work, makes BPD a phenomenal agency?  Our people: the heart of BPD.  The human heart works on an “All-Or-Nothing Law,” meaning each time the heart contracts it does so with all its force.  BPDers are no different; we whole-heartedly approach each endeavor and our passion and drive are what set us apart. 

BPD’s unique dynamic of people--including award-winning creative leaders, art directors, copywriters, digital engineers, and account managers--inevitably translates into an exciting culture. From participation in our annual fantasy football league, to 5k’s and mud runs, and essentially mandatory Halloween costume participation--not to forget food truck visits, Ping-Pong and kickball--we thoroughly enjoy our close-knit community.  

BPD’s community is built upon 10 pillars and keys to our collective success known as the BPD Basics. These commandments inspire us, guide us and help us evaluate our actions. They not only make this a great place to work, but also, we hope, make us great people to work with for our clients and partners.

BPD Basics

Over the course of the next few months, we will delve into each basic, explore exactly how BPDers embrace it and discuss the consequences.  For now, consider which of these core values are instilled in your everyday life.  Guided by these building blocks of character, BPD has defined itself through our group of diverse individuals who love what we do--a phenomenal syncing of hearts beating to our own distinctive rhythm.

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