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Better Work. Faster: The #1 Thing Hospitals Can Do to Improve the ROI From Their Marketing Agencies

June 25, 2015 By Richard Bell Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, ROI
Client Brief Tells Your Where To Go At Fork In Road
You probably know what a “brief” is, but are you using it properly to get the best work out of your advertising agency? Learn why the Client Brief is so critical to getting the best work from your agency, plus get a sample template to help you get started.

"Dating" Clients (aka How it Feels to Build a New Healthcare Marketing Relationship)

June 18, 2015 By Kara Hoffner Client Relations
Waiting For Client To Call
Is client relations a lot like dating? Get a glimpse at the thoughts and emotions of an account manager reaching out to a potential hospital client.

Do What’s Best For The Client

June 11, 2015 By Sarah Brown Culture, Teamwork, Service, Customer Service
Do What’s Best For Our Clients
BPD Basic #1: Do What’s Best for the Client is at the core of everything we do. From hiring to process…even to saying “no” when something won’t serve the best interests of our clients. Learn how the BPD culture integrates and celebrates this Basic.

“By Any Other Name…” Benefits of a Content Audit for Your Healthcare Digital Marketing

June 4, 2015 By Paula Rae Forastiero Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Healthcare Marketing
Content Audit Helps Websites Bloom
Shakespeare has the right idea when he questioned the value of a name. Content Audits may sound like something to avoid, but in fact they’re one of the most valuable content strategy tools you have. Learn what goes into a Content Audit, what you should expect to get out of it and why you need one.

Cavemen Need Doctors, Too: How Healthcare Can Take a Lesson From the Insurance Industry.

May 28, 2015 By Vince DeMarinis Healthcare Marketing, Risk Taking
Cavemen Need Doctors Too: Healthcare Marketing
Do you remember an insurance campaign before the Mayhem Guy, Flo and Cavemen hit the scene? Probably not. So, take a page from the insurance industry and learn how to improve your healthcare marketing campaigns by breaking your own rules.

3 Things Healthcare Marketing Can Learn From Fashion Bloggers

May 21, 2015 By Sarah Brown Blogging, Social Media, Content Marketing
Fashion Bloggers Have Lessons For Healthcare Marketers
How can you help patients build a deeper connection to your brand? Take a page from fashion bloggers, like marketing phenomenon Chiara Ferragni, and build a synergetic relationship with your audience.

How to Engage Patients in a World of Marketing Overload: 3 Tips

May 14, 2015 By James Hale Healthcare Marketing, Risk Taking, Marketing Goals, Billboards
Times Square Is Great Illustrator of Marketing Overload
How do you cut through the estimated 5,000 visual messages the average city dweller sees in a day to make sure your marketing message is heard? Start with these three marketing fundamentals.

ROI: The Three Letters that Make Every Healthcare Marketer Squirm

May 7, 2015 By Kara Hoffner ROI, Marketing Strategy, Healthcare Marketing
ROI of Your Website & Digital Marketing
ROI may be the Holy Grail of healthcare marketing, but it doesn’t have to be as elusive. Learn how we restructured an Ask the Doc campaign to get to an accurate ROI for Holy Cross Hospital.

Product Quality vs. Service Excellence: The Choice is Clear for Ad Agencies and Health Systems

May 1, 2015 By Jason Brown Product, Service, Customer Service, Health System, Healthcare
Patient Experience In Hospitals & Healthcare Settings
Does a great product trump customer service? Not for most health systems.  Can patients expect to receive quality care from both you and the competition? If so, your health system is probably a commodity and a great product alone isn’t enough. Get insights from BPD’s own customer service path as well as ideas for becoming the “Ritz Carlton of health systems.”

Marketing Transparency: McDonald's Main Ingredient

April 23, 2015 By Phil Smith Transparency, Risk Taking, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy
McDonald's Marketing Focus on Transparency
Over the past few years, McDonald’s has added a new ingredient to its marketing strategy: Transparency. We take look at the campaign, the market forces behind it and its likely ROI. Plus, what lessons we can apply to hospital and healthcare marketing.