Together, Optum, the largest healthcare data analytics provider and Brown Parker & DeMarinis, the largest healthcare marketing agency, have partnered to provide a transformative 3-part consumer engagement solution for your organization’s marketing needs.

Precision Marketing 1-2-3

Comprehensive Consumer Data Platform for a true 360 degree view of current patients and consumers in your markets and potential customers who need care.

Data-driven Precision Marketing Strategies
that leverage Optum’s proprietary health data including 100M+ medical records, medical claims, and healthcare transactions.

Full-service Digital Media and Creative provided by BPD, we drive service line success by leveraging data insights to shape creative development and execution across all media tactics.

Precision Marketing Answers Three Key Questions

  • 1. Which consumers are most likely to need specific care? And when?

    Clinical Demand Prediction – we leverage advanced machine learning to predict clinical needs across your entire PSA/SSA market.

  • 2. Who are the most valuable healthcare consumers right now?

    “Best Customer” Attributes – we apply dozens of custom filters to determine the most desirable attributes and characteristics, and then build custom cohorts and propensity models for media targeting.

  • 3. How do we most effectively activate healthcare consumers?

    Establish a call-to-action rooted in psychosocial indicators, then deploy custom offers and 1:1 messages to distinct audience segments, based on psychosocial attributes and channel preferences.

Healthcare Consumer Marketing Funnel

  • All consumers

    Traditional mass marketing tactics (TV, Cable, Radio)

  • Consumers in target geography

    Traditional mass marketing tactics (Billboards, Newspapers, OOH)

  • Consumers who need medical care

    Pull marketing tactics (Paid Search)

  • Highest value consumers or strategic targets

    1P/3P personalized messaging marketing (Display, Video, YouTube, Native, CTV/OTT, Social Media, Direct Mail)

  • Precision

Convert valuable consumers into engaged patients and improve ROI

Improve the effiency of your marketing spend through:

  • Increased volume of new patients Increased volume of new patients
  • Increased consumer lifetime value Increased consumer lifetime value
  • Decreased marketing investment Decreased marketing investment

Case Study

Even before the pandemic, AdventHealth, a 49-hospital system based in Central Florida, was feeling the pressure from an influx of competition and a light flu season resulting in declining ER volume.

The organization decided to pilot a precision marketing campaign designed to speak directly to the people who were most likely to use their services, but they needed digital tools and help from marketing partners to make the leap.

Optum and BPD mined digital data to prioritize 850,000 consumers, dividing them into 11 specific cohorts. BPD then designed unique messaging for each group, and deployed a tradigital media mix to reach consumers in their preferred media channels when they were most likely to see it.


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